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Club Webmaster

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As you can see, The Lottomars Club sorely needs someone to take charge and turn this into the greatest Site in the Known Universe.
Your favorite Author is Douglas Adams.
You have legally changed your first name to: "HTML."
You've seen every episode of: "Faulty Towers" 103 times.
Your Dog's name is: "URL."
Everyone at Microsoft calls you for technical assistance at least once a week.
You dream in: "Frames."
Your computer equipment makes the NSA jealous.
Your .gif collection's index uses quantum physics to list every file.
You have a: "Mr. Bean" poster.
You were once offered a free Club Med vacation but turned it down because you wanted to stay home and write some CGI scripts.
You named your first born child: "Monty Python."
You have constructed your own Lottomars Club T-Shirt from "room-temperature" superconductor materials.
You have: "http://www." tattooed on your left shoulder.
Your Boss truly sees you for the visionary leader that you are.
You think it's humorous when someone refers to coffee as: "Java."
The final requirement is the toughest one: you must volunteer your services until the club has enough money in the bank to pay you.
If you're interested in being the only Human (rigorously tested) in the Universe with the title:
contact: The Lottomars Club.
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