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You were the lucky Lottomars Club Member picked in the random draw to be the first Human (and we will check this!) to ever set foot on Mars. You've made it to Mars without loosing your, "First Person on Mars" status in a Poker game on the way there. You've already set foot on the Red Planet and you have said your Immortal First words. Okay, now what?

What would you do on Mars?

Let all of us know what your: "Things to do on Mars" are!

I will post them here for all to read and be enlightened.

Tell us your who you are:

Tell us where you are from:

What are you going to do on Mars?


See Other's ideas below. . .

January 14, 1999.

Bobert the truly unusual's "Things to do on Mars" are:

Eat chicken soup and rawhide bones. Lots of them.

January 16, 1999.

Spaceman Reed's "Things to do on Mars" are:

I would take along a Martian costume and toy ray gun and scare the pants off my fellow crew members by pretending to be a Martian who is taking over the ship.

July 19, 1999.

The Goddess of the Net's "Things to do on Mars" are:

Well, for starters I'd take a whole vat of whip cream to mars.. I'm sure they don't have any there so it would be a big seller. I'd also bring yo yo's for fun, bet Martians would love those. Hey, what's the gravitational force like there??? Hmmm... maybe yo yo's won't work too great there.

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