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The Fantastic Lottomars Club - Join today - What else is worth $1.00US and loosing several hundred brain cells?

Be the first person on Mars Club
We all want a Mars Mission, sending people to the Red Planet for the first time. What's stopping us? Money! We have the technology and the will . . . but no one has the funding. We don't have a Queen Isabella of Spain to cash in her jewels! We have to do something ourselves. It's been over 32 years since we first went to the Moon. Our Club wants a Mission to Mars! We're serious about this!
Certain strict criteria must be met before you can join the Lottomars Club, we will check to make sure:
    • You are Human.
    • You have been weaned.
    • You can think of something good to say when you set foot on Mars.
    • You are quite fond of Coca-Cola.
    • You can follow orders, like: "don't push that Big Red Button labeled: ENGAGE MAIN BOOSTERS."

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Anyone can join the Lottomars Club, and membership is $1.00 (US). This money goes in a trust account & starts earning interest. In ten years we have a colossal amount of money. We then approach NASA, & we say to them: "Our club has a lot of Money."   This money is for an expedition to Mars. We will give this money to you, but. . .   You have to take along one Member  of the Lottomars Club. (that paid to enter the random draw) That lucky Club Member gets to be the first human being to set foot on Mars.

Quit reading all this drivel and join the Club
right now!

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With the incomparable Lottomars Club Logo, they are essential apparel for everyone on Earth! It's vital that all of you buy these T-Shirts; Firstly, they are guaranteed to stop Martians from sucking out your brain and spinal cord. Secondly, this is how I hope to make lots of  money and become an Internet Tycoon. So, I want you to order your T-Shirt now! I want several million of these superb T-Shirts sold as soon as possible.  

So, don't delay, order today!


Several years of intensive Scientific Research have almost established that Humans do need their central nervous system. To make sure those pesky Martians don't suck out your brain and spinal cord, you need. . .

A Fantastic Lottomars Club T-Shirts today!

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Hear a recording of a pesky Martian!

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Background on this page is
actual Martian skin, dyed black.


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