logobig_small.gif (4949 bytes) The Gift of a possible trip to Mars.
Who do you really wish sent to Mars?

It is now possible to purchase a Lottomars Club "Gift" membership and entry in the random draw to be the first person to set foot on Mars. "Giving is better than receiving" someone once said. . . Here is a way to show that your heart is as big as Nebraska. Express your kindness and altruistic good will to others by give them the gift of the possibility of going to Mars.

There must be someone you think is deserving:

  • Your former employer, who fired you on the spot when hearing that you had joined The Lottomars Club.
  • Your Internet Service Provider, who promised 24 hour technical assistance but does not speak any known Earth language.
  • Your Automotive Sales Representative, who sold you a used car with a live goat hidden in the trunk.
  • Your Bank's Loan Officer, who laughed at you for ten minutes straight after doing a credit check on you.
  • Your Scout Troop Leader, who made you wear a canoeing merit badge with a picture of the Titanic on it.
  • Your Marine Drill Instructor, who still has a toothpick holder, custom made from one of your lips.
  • Your Town Dogcatcher, who somehow impounded "Nemo" your Golden Retriever, when you thought Nemo was safely chained and sedated in your basement.
  • Your Paper Carrier, who is nicknamed: "Howitzer."
  • Your Dentist, who, during College, had a summer job in Alaska drilling for oil.
  • Your Grade Six Teacher, who made you write, "You heard me," on the blackboard 500 times.
  • Your Insurance Agent, who told you that theft of personal possession from an automobile is only covered up to $250.00 - after the loss.
  • Your Mechanic, who told you it would cost $49.95 to replace your rear brake-shoes and then ended up charging you $625.95 for a complete brake system overhaul.
  • Your Gynecologist, who always tells you about his weekend spelunking expeditions during your examination.
There must be many deserving others that you would like to see join The Lottomars Club and perhaps take a trip to Mars.


Just write: "gift." when completing PayPal (You decided if you want to say who you are and why you are giving this fine gift)

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