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Hear an actual recording of a pesky Martian!

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They're here! Those pesky Martians are hiding among us Humans. Cleverly using high-tech disguises:

They could be anyone and everywhere. They are masters of diabolical DNA, RNA, and vacuum cleaner cloning techniques. The can look just like you and have all your memories too! These fiendish Aliens have been on Earth for a very long time. Did you know that all those ancient Egyptian Mummies had their brains sucked out? Plus, there is no mention of what happened to the Mummies' spinal cords! You don't really think the ancient Egyptian embalmers were responsible for those hideous mutilations do you?

I suspect these vile Martians of taking over entire countries. . . and we do have some indication of this:

The United Nations Security Council should have an emergency session, to require that:

The anti-Martian screening process is simple:

Casually mention that Coca-Cola is served at McDonald's Restaurants. . . and see what happens. Or,

Check to see if they own a Volvo. (A sure sign) Or,

Show them a picture of any one of the Three Stooges, if they know who it is, they are a Martian!


Tell us who you are. . .

Tell us where you're from. . .

Who do you think is a Vile Invader from Mars and
why do you think they are a pesky Martian?

Forward this important information to The Lottomars Club.

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