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Now that you've joined The Lottomars Club. . .

Who should you tell about this?

  • Your Parents?
  • Your Friends?
  • Your Schoolmates?
  • Your Grandparents?
  • Your Uncles or Aunts?
  • Your Brothers and Sisters?
  • Your Doctor?
  • Your Lawyer?
Telling all of the above that you've joined a club, and you may be the first person on Mars, is perfectly safe. . . The critical decision you have to make is:

Should you tell your Boss?
If you tell your Employer that you've joined The Lottomars Club and that you may end up being the first person to set foot on Mars, There are only two possible results:

RESULT #one. . .Winner Your Boss will truly see you for the visionary leader that you are. You will be promoted to Senior Vice President of the Special Projects Division. You will get a 162% increase in Base Salary. You'll receive quarterly bonuses based on 10% of Company net earnings. ( Guaranteed Minimum: $750,000.00 per year) You will be offered an attractive Company stock purchase option that will make you a multimillionaire in five years. Plus, you will have exclusive use of the Company's Castle in France for three weeks every year.
RESULT #two. . .Looser Your Boss will think to himself: "Who hired this Space Cadet?"
and fire you on the spot!

So, who you gonna tell?

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