July 18, 2015 MVA


On Saturday, July 18, 2015, I was driving south on King George Blvd. In Surrey, heading for Costco at approximately 10:30 a.m. The Weather was clear and warm – a nice Summer’s day.

  IMG_1003.JPG (1703421 bytes)
The approach to the intersection - southbound on King George Blvd. (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

I turned right on 76th Avenue, following another car and a large, slow moving truck. The light was red and the left turn green light for North and Southbound traffic on King George Blvd. had just come-on. There was a small silver car just entering the intersection when I was turning right.

I was slowed down by the traffic in front of me caused by the large, slow moving truck. The small silver car drove up quickly beside me, very close in an aggressive manor at about my driver’s side rear quarter panel. Perhaps within inches. It may have seemed to the other driver that I had “cut him off.” This was not my intent, as I was slowed down by traffic. It was not possible to simply get-out this drivers way, as it was single lane traffic on 76th Avenue Westbound.

I continued driving westbound on 76th Avenue and within just a few seconds, the small silver car appeared on my passenger side and hit my vehicle, lightly striking the front passenger side of car. The small silver car had attempted to pass me on the right, in single lane traffic, using a bus stop pull over area. I did not see the other car until a split-second just before I was hit. There was not enough time for me to avoid the collision. The small silver car pulled ahead a few feet, straighten-out and stopped. I had already stopped.

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The bus-stop pull over - westbound on 76th Avenue. (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

The other driver got out of his car immediately. I got out of my car and the other driver said with great anger that it was my fault. I asked him to get out his insurance papers and took a photo of his license plate (in case of “hit & run”). I was not angry, just bemused that the other driver would be so unwise to try and pass me the way he did.

IMG_0993.JPG (1878029 bytes)
The other vehicle. (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

After a few minutes of both of us taking photos, during which the other driver was most unfriendly and rude, we agreed to pull-off to the right into a business parking lot to exchange information.

At this time, when we pulled-over, the other driver became even more upset and confrontational, swearing and insulting me. He said I was too old to drive properly. I got upset too and we ended-up saying “f*ck you” back and forth standing about a foot away from each other.

Then the other driver’s passengers got out his car and came over to us. An older woman and a young girl about 16 years old. Perhaps his Mother and Daughter. The curious thing is that they didn’t initially say anything to me. They were trying to calm-down and stop the other driver from arguing with me. Like this had happened to them before and they are familiar with trying to calm-down this man – probably their Son and Father.

The argument between us continued for a few more minutes with the older woman starting to yell at me too, saying “shut-up” repeatedly.

Well, this was no fun at all. I decided not to start yelling at the old lady and, after seeing a tear in the eye of the young girl, I stopped yelling and asked everyone to calm-down.

We all stopped yelling and the other driver and myself exchanged drivers and insurance information. Then they all got in the small silver car and drove off.

I stayed for a few more minutes and took a few more photos. Then I drove-off myself, continuing to Costco where they didn’t have the Blu-ray movie I was looking for.

When driving back home, I realized the accident was simply caused by “Road Rage” on the other driver’s part because of what had happened in the intersection. My unintentionally cutting him off (or simply turning in front of him) in the intersection caused the other driver to become so angry that he tried to aggressively pass me on the right in single lane traffic, causing this minor accident.

There were other drivers that probably witnessed this MVA, but they all drove away.

More photos. (click on thumbnail to enlarge)

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(July 25, 2015) After hearing what the other driver told ICBC, I have this to say:

8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

The command against false testimony is seen as a natural consequence of the command to “love your neighbor as yourself.” This moral prescription flows from the command for holy people to bear witness to their deity. Offenses against the truth express by word or deed a refusal to commit oneself to moral uprightness: they are fundamental infidelities to God and, in this sense, they undermine the foundations of covenant with God.

From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thou_shalt_not_bear_false_witness_against_thy_neighbour

(He'll have to do better, if he wants to make it into Heaven)

Dale K. Poulin, Surrey, B.C.
July 18, 2015.